Recommended Literature

Texts marked with an asterix can be accessed as well on this website. As far as known the hyperlinks are set internally, or to external sites - in the latter case it can only be hoped for correctness.

Byrne, Anne/Leonard, Madelaine (eds.), 1997:          
Women and Irish Society. A sociological Reader; Belfast: Beyond the Pale Publications

* Citizenship and Social Class; T.H. Marshall and Tom Bottomore; London et altera: Pluto Press 1992 (The text by T.H. Marshall is from 1950) Excerpt of the text can be found here

Cousins, Mel, 1995:         
The Irish Social Welfare System. Law and social policy; Dublin: The Round Hall Press

Curry, John, [1980] 19983:                      
Irish social services; Dublin: Institute of Public Administration

Department of Health and Children, 2001:  
Quality and Fairness. A health system for you. Health Strategy. Dublin: Stationary Office

* Engels, Frederick, 1844-1845:       
Conditions of the Working Class in England; Internet download
or external link to the original source

* Esping-Andersen, G. 1990:             
The Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism, Cambridge: Polity Press - Excerpt can be found here

Giddens, Anthony, 1987:  
Social Theory and Modern Sociology; Cambridge/Oxford: Polity Press/Basil Blackwell

Goffman, Erving: Frameanalysis. An Essay on the organization of Experience. With a new Foreword by Bennett Berger; Boston: Northeastern University Press, 1986 The Introduction

Habermas, Juergen, 1976:              
Legitimation Crisis; Translated by Thomas McCarthy; London: Heinemann Educational Books

Hill, Michael, 20006:        
Understanding Social Policy; Oxford/Malden: Blackwell

* Lookwood, David, 1992:  
Appendix: Social integration and system integration; in: Solidarity and Schism. ‘The problem of disorder’ in Durkheimian and Marxist sociology. Oxford: Clarendon Press – text can be found here

Luhmann, Niklas, 1982:   
The differentiation of society. Translated by Stephen Holmes and Charles Larmore; New York: Columbia University Press, 1982

Luhmann, Niklas, 1990:   
Political theory in the welfare state. Translated and introduced by John Bednarz Jr.; Berlin/New York: Walter de Gruyter

* Maine, Sir Henry Sumner, 1861:    
Ancient Law. Its Connection with the early History of Society and its Relation to modern Ideas; with an Introduction and Notes by Sir Frederick Polllock; London 1909

Chapter 1- 4

Chapter 5 - 7

Chapter 8 - 10

Mead, G.H., 2938:            
The philosophy of the act; Chicago: University of Chicago Press

Parsons, Talcott, 1968 (1937):       
The structure of social action. A study in social theory with special reference to a group of recent European writers. With a new introduction. Vol. I: Marshall, Pareto, Durkheim; Vol. II: Weber; New York/London: The Free Press/Collier Macmillan Press, 1968

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On individuality and social forms. Selected writings. Edited and with an introduction by Donald N. Levine; Chicago/London: The University of Chicago

Spicker, Paul:                           
Social Policy. Social welfare, the welfare state and the social services. An introduction to social policy; - 29.11.01