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Employment, Working Conditions Organisation of Work


Luxembourg 1997 - Special Summit on Employment  
Employment Guidelines 1998 - adopted by the EUC  
Four pillars of the employment strategy A brief overview over the strategic orientation of the emploment strategy - as such it throws light nearly on the entire social policy orientation as it is part of the process of European integration
Community policies in support of employment  

Communication of the European Commission - April 21st, 1999


Adapting to change in Work and Society: A new Community Strategy on health and Safety at Work - Communication from 2002


Commission Communication (COM(98)641final)
"Modernising Public Employment Services to support theEuropean Employment Strategy"

The document obviously is one concerned with employment issues. Note, however, that in particular this text is to a large extent concerned with issues of more general interest. It is not least the question of "social responsibility" that is more indirectly tackled.
Social Dialogue - Basic Overview  
Representativeness of social partner organisations - Introduction  
Representativeness of social partner organisations - Report  

Green Paper - Partnership for a new Organisation of Work


COM(98) 322
Adapting and promoting the Social Dialogue at Community level