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if you want a song expressing Hegel's notion of Aufhebung, i.e. the sublation and supersession

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Beethoven: symphony no 9, fourth movement

The fourth movement of Beethoven's symphony no. 9 in D-minor, opus 125 - Presto, Allegro Assai - is the anthem of the European Union ... Text of Schiller's Ode to Joy
Les Miserables    
Heinrich Heine: Deutschland - a Winter Fairytale Some comments on the text selection Text in German - complete text

Text in English - Caput 1

Bella Çiao  


English version of the song

Look for some remarks to the historical background and contemporary meaning to this song.


Italian language text - complete

Text in English language

Bandiera Rossa


  Italian language text

English language text


Freiligrath - Ca Ira


Some comments on the text collection




German version

English version

The anthem of France - The hymn of the revolution of Europe The text in French and English
Heinrich von Kleist: Michael Koolhaas An impressive novel dealing with the efforts of a horse trader to try to overcome the orientation on small states ("Kleinstaaterei")  
Jonathan Swift: Gulliver's Travels    
Georg Büchner: Hessischer    
The Presence of History - Canto General

Vy A Vivir (I will live)

Ls Libertadres (the liberators)

It seems to be a long time ago ... Vy A Vivir (I will live) 

Ls Libertadres (the liberators)

Pablo Picasso - Guernica Historical background information  
 History  in Europe - a warning One of the most forgotten, tabooed and suppressed experiences of history is the time of fascism – and it is as well the part of the history that showed to what humans beings are able. Thus, this time should never be forgotten – what happened, what had been behind it and what we owe those people who went through the hell of barbarism.
Apart from the vow of Buchenwald, given by those who survived and wanted to make this something that could never happen again you find a document on the Spanish civil war in the 1930s:

A proof for German crimes, which no historian can deny. A reminder for all those, who think that this period of history could be forgotten.

These are the words of the colleague who originally put it on the net – visit as well his website at

You will find reading in English, German and French language

The International Seemingly at most a matter of the past - however, wishful thinking does not stand for reality  
What never should be forgotten as a tradition  While social contemporary theory - not least with some claims for participative democracy, views of the "small is beautiful"-attitudes there is a link from such patterns of thought to another, over decades very real one. You may wonder what I am talking about - and you may get some impression and even if it is not to be taken too seriously looking at the forgotten stuff may give some food for thought in particular for the social scientist.

Now, nobody should say that I mentioned at this point the title From Plato to Prodi

(Spiacente, Romano, io so che è un scherzo baldo).



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