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Already the announcment says quite a lot about that what we are talking about in this section - official document. Following the term official back to its origins we find the referred to a beaucratic system. This is of particular interest as societies today are more and more dominated by bureaucratic patterns of ruling. Even if - going back to Charles de Secondat, Baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu - these so-called modern societies are basically characterised by the principle of the separation of power, the executive power gains more and more a dominant position.

The discussion of this issue is an important issue - contradicitng positions can be made out;

Be it as it is the following documents have their origin in the areas of politics, polity and policies.



Institutions of the European Union

General Documents of Fundamental Character  Mainly the Treaties, Treaty-like documents and some important documents from Summits of the Council
Social Policy 0


Social Policy 1

Employment, Working Conditions, Organisation of Work

Social Policy 2

poverty, social exclusion, social inclusion

Social Policy 3

equal opportunities

Social Policy 4


Social policy 5


Social Policy 6

Asylum, Refugees, Racism

Social Policy 7

Social Protection, Social Security, Mobility

Social Policy 8


Social Policy 9


Social Policy 10

Youth and Education

Social Policy 11


Institutions Photograph: Aras an Uachtaráinof The Irish Government



Good Friday Agreement  
Prosperity and Fairness  
Community-Sector Green  
White Paper: Framework for Supporting Voluntary Activity ...  

Institutions of Governments of other EU-Member States

Bismarck/message of the emperor: stick and carrots (law against the socialists, introduction of the social insurance systems  
Blair/Schroeder and another Third Way  

Social Policy in Germany

Basic Law (Constitution of Germany) after the Amendment dated 26 July 2002 English  
German Social Security at a Glance English  
Health Care Reform in the Framework of the Agenda 2001 English  
Rehabilitation und Teilhabe behinderter
Menschen (Rechtsstand 1. Januar 2004) German
The German "Agenda 2010" English German  
Social Policy In Ireland
The Irish Social Security System Gaeilge English French  

Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII on Capital and Labor

This document from 1891 is most important not just from the catholic point of view but going far beyond. By developing the concept of subsidiartiy foir the first time in the strong link to social policy it fundamentally shaped the entire social philopsophy of the following century.

Encyclical of Pope Pius XI, Quadragesimo Anno

Submitted in 1931 the document emphasised and elaborated the idea of subsidiarity. However, it has to be considered that subsidiarity had been defined by Pope Leo XIII and Pope Pius XI in a way that it fundamentally guided social policy it was very much a point of permanent debate. Neither Leo nor Pius made definitely clear if and to what extent the lower entity would need support to be able to act in the own right. And this was, of course, the question that had been discussed again and again. Sometimes the debate was immediately lead under the catchword subsidiarity; but debates on “a life in dignity” and “empowerment” to mention but a few tackled the same issue in a different frame.
United Nations:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948)

Even if this declaration is not so much part of our every-days legal consciousness it is probably one of the most important instruments of the last century shaping world and European politics. 
Council of Europe

Social Charter


Multilateral Agreement on Investment – The MAI negotiating text (April 1998)

The particular document that is documented here could finally be not agreed upon. Nevertheless, the overall meaning is of a more fundamental character and is a landmark in the strategy of a “global liberalisation”. Important consequences for social services can be seen.


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