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White paper on Competitiveness, Growth and Employment ("Delors White Paper") This is a fundamental political statement, shaping the orientation of the process of European integration. As such it sketches the interrelationship between the economic and social dimension as seen by the official policymakers.

In analytical and strategic terms it is a peculiar mixture between Keynesianism and liberalist economic perspectives. Most likely it justifies what I frequently called regulated deregulation.

Green Paper on Social policy
White paper on social policy
"A Strategy for Europe", Final report from the Chairman of the Reflection Group on the 1996 Intergovernmental Conference Before the large scale event, the summit during which the Amsterdam Treaty was finally aggreed upon a complex process of negotiations took place. One influentail document was thbe so-called Report of the Reflection Group that is documented here.
White Paper on European Governance  
Notis Lebessis/John Paterson: Developing  New Modes of Governance  
Gilles Bertrand/Anna Michalski/Lucio R.Pench: Scenarios Europe 2010 - Five possible Futures for Europe  
Communication from the European Commission on Promoting the role of voluntary organisations and foundations Despite the perspective this document gives on the political role the European Commission  has in mind for the Third Sector the reader gets a fairly reasonable overview over the Third Sector in the EU member states.

The paper dates back to 1997, published as COM (1997) 241 final - 06.06.1997


The Commission and NGOs - A discussion paper  
Services of General Interest A Communication on Services of General Interest, published in 2000. It is of special interest as it deals with important questions around the possible market-lead privatisation and liberalisation of  social services
Reforming the Commission

I - Analytical Part

II - Action Plan

White Paper from 2000


 A sustainable Europe for a better world - Communication from 2001