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Literature on the Third Sector


Le grand risque est que les gens croient qu’il y a création de richesses la ou il n’y a qu’enrichissement. L’argent ne peut se faire que sur la captation d’une valeur ajoutée. La rémunération du capital n’est pas un gain pour la collectivité, quand elle ne correspond pas à une production de biens ou services supplémentaires. Ce n’est qu’un mécanisme de pillage sophistiqué.


Guy Hascoët : L’économie solidaire au cœur des nouvelles régulations économiques (texte publie en postface de : L’économie solidaire, une perspective internationale ; sous la direction de Jean-Louis Laville, Desclée deBrouwer, 2000)


Literature on Third Sector research

Peter Herrmann

NGOs as part of democratic policy making: The Current debate

Poster presentation on the first Research Symposium from the Association for Voluntary Action Research in Ireland, AVARI, Dublin, May 1997 - PowerPoint presentation
nearly straightforward - some more fundamental differences between organisations of the sector Already the definition of what we are talking about is not as straightforward as we would like. However, some aspects of the definition can make it a little bit easier to access commonalities and differences alike, which are relevant for organisations that are an important part of the social actors in the social policy field.
Concepts of management Of course, any organisation and thus every organisation acting in the field of social professional action - be it as self-help group or as service provider - needs some management. And of course, there are good management methods and those that are not appropriate at all.
Johns-Hopkins-University Nonprofit sector project: Global Civil Society at a glance  

Jeremy Kendall, London School of Economics - LSE, London

The third sector and the development of European public policy: Frameworks for analysis?

July 2001



Peter Herrmann, European Social, Organisational and Science Consultancy, Aghabullogue

Third Sector and the labour market


Paper presented on a workshop (December 1999) in Brussels, preparing the Swedish European Presidency in 2000
Peter Herrmann

Ireland, European Union and Identity Building  - The Role of Social (Policy) NGOs in the Process of Building a Macro-Identity


Contribution on the Annual Conference of the Sociological Association of Ireland, Westport, 1997; a revised version is published in: Herrmann: European Integration Between Institution Building and Social Processes; New York: Nova Science; 1998: 137 - 155