From Plato to Prodi

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Course Director:
Joe Finnerty


A native of Waterford city, Joe spent his formative academic years in Trinity College, Dublin studying sociology. A sojourn from academia saw him working as a researcher with a variety of organisations, including  NEXUS co-operative in Dublin, and Threshold, the housing advice and campaigning organisation. Joe is a member of the organising committe of the annual William Thompson Weekend, and a board member of Cork Simon. In addition to being Course Director on the Higher Diploma, he teaches courses on quantitative research methods, housing, and poverty and unemployment.
Hobbies: cooking, listening to Schubert lieder, buying books on evolutionary psychology.


(Photography: photo booth, Merchant's Quay Shopping Centre, Cork, 2002)

Course Secretary:
Phil O'Sullivan

My name is Philomena O'Sullivan. I have worked in UCC for the past 2 years, firstly in the Careers Service and I am currently working in Applied Social Studies. I am secretary to the B.Soc.Sc. and the H.Dip.Soc.Pol. I am also a mature student in UCC doing a diploma in social studies, with only 1 year left of a 2 year course.

I am also a millionaire and own 10 houses and 15 cars!! (JOKE!!)



(Photography: Peter Herrmann, 2002)

Peter Herrmann

Lecturer of the Courses Social Policy and Social Research; senior research fellow

Living between worlds - 
Born as a German national he left city live in that country and lives now in Ireland in a remote place West of Cork City and feels very much European, however strongly opposing contemporary official European politics.
Enjoying theoretical reflection on a sometimes abstract level, but never really leaving the commitment to the cognition, which Marx wrote down in the eleventh of his Theses on Feuerbach: 'The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point, however, is to change it.'

He studied sociology at the University of  Bielefeld (FRG), political science in Berlin and economics at the University of Hamburg (FRG) and holds the doctorate in Philosophy from the University Bremen (FRG). Relevant for this course are studies in psychology, political science and political economy and working experiences in psychiatry and education, minding his daughter, housework and others.
During the last years lecturing and doing research in particular in the areas of European comparative studies, Third Sector and Voluntary Work, Theory of European Integration.

Active in European networks

hobbies: walking, cycling; skiing, gardening, music

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(Photography: Gerhard Pfannendörfer, Frankfurt/Main, 2001)



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