From Plato to Prodi

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Herrmann, Peter Briefe zwischen Welten (Letters between Worlds) - autobiographic notes. This pet-text had been written between 1997 and 1999. Even if autobiographic (or because of it) the text shows very much about living in, for and against Europe
Offers to translate on a voluntary basis the whole document or parts of it are welcome. 

unknown source Accumulation of capital or: The Irony of the Rat
unknown source Summary of the World
Representation of the European Commission in the UK Collection of Euromythology

One does not have to be Pro-European. But any critique should be honest - actually, exaggeration and wrong (not to say ridiculous statements do more damage rather than fostering a constructive debate.

Euro_English Harmonising Language

Another attempt to make living together easier


The meaning of a red traffic light is not only a legal issue (German text)

unknown source Motherhood - the position in life

The question of motherhood in the light of bureaucracy in the "employment-society". The little story reminds a little bit of Naomi Klein's NO LOGO