From Plato to Prodi *


Monday Morning Talks 2005-2006


With this series we present the work of members of the department - staff and students. The series is not meant to give an overview over all work undertaken. Instead by occasional presentations some facets are shown.

All lectures will be Monday Mornings from 9.30 to 11.30


Louise Harrington - Council Room

Case Study on the Struggle for Cultural Democracy - Legacy of the Barrel Top Wagon


14.11.2005 - Council Room

Kerstin Walsh/Ivan Molloy

Ho to be Creative in the Social Sciences ...


5.12.2005 Council Room

Mary Wilson/Deirdre Quirke

When words are not Enough, We Need a Bridge Over ..


16.1.2006 - Council Room

Claire Edwards

Participative Urban Renewal? Disability, Community and Partnership in New Labour's Urban Policy


6.2.2006 - Council Room

Shirley Martin

Measuring the Long-Term  Impact of an Early Years Intervention Program


27.2.2006 - Council Room

Peter Herrmann

Social Professions - a Historical Brief in an International Perspective


13.3.2006 - Council Room

Michael O'Haodain

Will the Real youth
work(er) please stand up - youth work searching for identity


10.4.2006 - Council Room

Eluska Fernandez

The introduction of the smoking ban in Ireland: exploring the relationships between policy, the individual and society



* With generous support of the European Social, Organisational and Science Consultancy, Aghabullogue (ESOSC)