From Plato to Prodi *

Lectures and more at the Department of Applied Social Studies at UCC













The Department aims with two series of public lectures to present the work done as part of teaching and research and as well to provide a framework for exchange across disciplines of social science and across national borders. This underlines the overall aim of the department of working in and for diversity.

Monday Morning Talks - MMT

With this series we present the work of members of the department - staff and students. The series is not meant to give an overview over all work undertaken. Instead by occasional presentations some facets are shown.

Open Door Talks - ODT

The Department hosts a series of guest lectures with distinct colleagues from different fields of social sciences, coming from different countries.

Publications - ASS

Here information can be found on the book series which is edited on behalf of the Department and with support of the European Social, Organisational and Science Consultancy (ESOSC), Aghabullogue


Documents from previous lectures of the series are still available

Occasional Papers and Presentations - OPPs

Occasional Presentations by Peter Herrmann are documented here - some just containing PowerPoint Presentations, others presented as lecture notes and full texts of presentations


* With generous support of the European Social, Organisational and Science Consultancy, Aghabullogue (ESOSC)