From Plato to Prodi

Notes of the lecture in Social Policy

(as far as not noted otherwise: Peter Herrmann)


Those who want simple conclusions should forget sociology and stick to arithmetic.    
(Todd Gitlin, 1987)

It is in the nature of the beast that there are overlaps - and (almost) identical notes for some sessions. However, almost is not 100 percent. So I recommend to the students of my coursed to go to those sections that are dedicated to their courses.

General - Miscellaneous

Academic Year 2001/2002

Academic Year 2002/2003

Academic Year 2003/2004

Academic Year 2004/2005

Academic Year 2005/2006

European Integration - Masters in Social Policy

CIT - Department of Social & General Studies


General - Miscellaneous



Writing a scientific piece of work - some general and formal guidelines on structuring you work

Quotations and bibliographies


Academic Year 2001/2002

General: Theory of Society, Sociology

Social Policy - a general overview

Social Policy - Functions

Principles of Society Building

Society as Contractual Agreement

Social Quality as a multifaceted challenge - the quadrant

Empowerment - system and individual

Welfare Regimes - sketch of the models as developed by G. Esping-Andersen

Formations and Figuration - searching for a viable definition of society

Sociology of the Marguerite


European Integration

European Integration - overview

Fundamental pillars of EU Social Policy - The ESF and the employment strategy

Elements of European Social Policy - a schematic overview

Social Quality - context and discussion of a concept I; Peter Herrmann - Notes from the presentation at UCC, Department of Applied Social Studies. March, 2002

Social Quality - Context and Discussion of a Concept II: by Hubert Krieger, European Foundation for the Improvement of the Living and Working Conditions, Dublin - Notes from the Presentation at UCC, Department of Applied Social Studies, March 2002

Social Quality - context and discussion of a concept III; by Laurent van der Maesen, European Foundation on Social Quality, Amsterdam - Notes from the presentation at UCC, Department of Applied Social Studies. March, 2002


Symbolisation de l'Europe (Powerpoint)

Joe Finnerty: Question Based Data Collection Methods

Joe Finnerty : Supplementary Notes - relevant for SS 3005 Housing and Homelessness


Academic Year 2002/2003



Abstraction 1

Abstraction 2

Society Building in Perspective

Two Definitions: The European Social Model and The New Open Method of Coordination - for more see here

Major changes in the political system


Academic Year 2003/2004

Constitution of Society - Division of Labour as principle of society building. Some quotes

Domains: what makes society and social integration possible

Societal and social integration: A circle of societal and biographical needs and provisions

Welfare and Wellbeing - definitional approaches

Welfare Regimes and Administrative Traditions

Welfare States and Welfare Regimes - Analytical Perspectives

Class, State and Welfare State


Academic Year 2004/2005

Course Outline

The Fundamental Shift of Social Science - Marxism

Division of Labor

Historical Tendency of Capitalist Accumulation

Conditional and Constitutional Factors according to the Social Quality Approach (taken from a working document by Laurent van der Maesen

Basis - Superstructure

Definitions Accumulation Regime, Mode of Regulation, Life Regime, Mode of Life

Liberalism - Capitalism

Development of Society I

General Crisis of Capitalism

Development of Society II: Theory of Society/Reflection of Society and Societal Development in Social Science - Methodology

Differentiation of Society and the Development of Social Policy

Rights and Welfare State

Development of Welfare Regimes and Factors of Social Quality

Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism - "General Interest" and actors of the Welfare State


Academic Year 2002/2003


European Integration - Masters in Social Policy



CIT 2002/2003 - Sociology


Essays - Proposals for topics

Abstraction 1

Abstraction 2

Principles  of Society Building - Perspectives on Modernisation

Social Policy - Developing a General Background

Social Policy - Functions and Interest

Social Quality - Challenge and Opportunity for Developing Social Policy

Social Policy - the Question of Welfare Regimes

European Integration

Two Definitions: The European Social Model and the New Open Method of Coordination

Major changes in the political system

Housing - Shelter and Space for Life



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