About the Course

Social Policy - seen from a sociological perspective - is something exciting, an adventurous tour from the early history of humankind to the present and on to the future. Exploration by the appropriation of knowledge and appropriation of life and living space by informed action - how grateful am I for the words Joe Finnerty once dropped when we sat together, chatting about plans of linking the course with the developments of contemporary society building - the historical experiment of "building a new society", without forgetting the very foundations of where this new society comes from - these words now are designation

From Plato to Prodi


WHAT IT IS ABOUT - Instead of an Introduction:    
It was about 1997 ... -
the coastline and a village in Europe

Handbook - with special reference to 2004/2005. The complete syllabus (of course this is not an ordinary one, the ordinary ones are launched by the pope)

Course Outline for Social Policy and Social Theory and Social Research Project for 2005-06, containing a reading list

Some conceptual remarks (a little bit more perhaps than an introduction) 

Please take note of the Masthead and Copyright Note - this contains as well a link to some original sources on the web from where files had been taken for this website/CD-Rom.

I am grateful for the magnitude of data which had been made available by other people and from which I frankly profited. If I forgot to mention any source or failed in any obligation this surely had not been intended and I beg for apologies for such kind of negligence.