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As stated elsewhere, this entire project is - at least in its origins - closely linked to the Higher Diploma In Social Policy. Successively the content will be of a more general nature; and it is planned to replace “course-documents” by documents that have more the character of a textbook. This means at the same time that such a change depends on support from other members of the Department. Furthermore, it is planned at least to enhance the contribution of students of the course – academic training as practical research and development of future teaching.

However, much of this is future, perhaps a little bit illusion of enhanced openness of academic work, a little bit the effort to draw lessons from the beautiful satiric work

of Carl Zuckmeyer on The Captain of Koepenick.


In any case, as long as applicable the experiences of the course and perhaps around it will be documented on this site - click below on the respective year.









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