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Saturday, September 17th: Update of the "research section", with the program for the new series of Monday Morning Talks and Open Door Talks

Monday, August 15th: update of course outline for the Core Course theory of social policy and research project for 2005/06

July/August: Placement Report - report from the study visit to Nordhausen and the student's research project

Thursday, January 27th: Excerpts from Weber's Economy and Society - concerned with methodology

Saturday, January 16th: several new texts of presentations in the research section

Sunday, January 2nd: New documents in the notes section of the course



Wednesday, December 8th: Handouts/overheads from the recent Monday Morning Talk

Saturday, December 4th: Documents in the notes section of the course

Friday, November 12th: Documents on Social Policy (Systems) in Germany and Ireland in the Documents Section

Friday, September 24th The New Course Handbook on the general overview site

Sunday, September 19th: provisional programme for the research seminar series at the Department of Applied Social Studies

Sunday, September 19th : course outline for the Higher Diploma core class

Monday, August 16th: upload of a new section with downloadable texts - password protected

Saturday, June 21st: Article by Franz Hamburger on third level education after Bologna in the section Polity, Politics and Policy of the literature collection

Sunday, March 21st: Excerpts from MARX: The Capital, volume 1 and WEBER: Economy and Society in the methodology section of the collection of literature

Sunday, March 7th: Marx: Wage, Labor and Capital, linked from the section: Literature of General Philosophical and Sociological Interest

Course Notes on Class, State and Welfare State from the Course Notes Section


Friday, January 1st: Marx/Engels: Communist Manifesto in Italian and French, linked from the section: Literature of General Philosophical and Sociological Interest



Friday, December 12th: Presentation given by Helen Johnston in the framework of the Open Door Talks

Friday, December 12th: Presentation at the Robert Schuman University, Strasbourg, by Peter Herrmann on Public Sector in Ireland

Sunday, December 1st: Presentation by Pat Leahy for the Monday Morning Talks

Thursday, November 26th: Notes on Analytical Perspectives to Welfare States and Welfare Regimes

Saturday, November 22nd: Text in connection with the Open Door Presentation by Peter Townsend

Thursday, November 20th: terms added to the glossary with methodologically important terms

Sunday, October 26th: updates on the site with the notes - setting up a section for the academic year 2003-04; same for the course experiences; Marx/Engels, German Ideology on the literature site: general and methodology

Sunday, October 26th: update in the research section: provisional programmes of the Monday morning talks and the Open Door Talks

Monday, September 5th: Course update 2003-04 for the core course for the Higher Diploma In Social Policy

Friday, August 22nd: Rousseau: Discours sur l'origine et les fondements de l'ingalite parmi les hommes and Du contrat social ou ou principes du droit politique on the "general literature" site

Wednesday, July 16th: Social Services in Europe between «general interest» and «single market».

Sunday, June 14th: Brussels - how it is: Two Reports by students of the HDip in Social Policy

Monday, Mai 26th: on the Spanish Civil War

Monday, Mai 26th: link to new edition of the ESOSC-newsletter

Monday, Mai 26th: Presentation under the title "Prison for sale", looking at developments of the provision of social services, uploaded in the research section.

Sunday, April 13th: The Maastricht Treaty - some basic information

Thursday, April 3rd: The Programme of the study-visit in Brussels can be accessed through the link from the highlighted site

Monday, March 24th: A document on the costs of not having social policy

Monday, March 24th: several documents on the European strategy to combat poverty, in particular in the context with the Open Method of Coordination and the NAPSincl

Thursday, March 5th: Motherhood, reinterpreted for the employment society

Tuesday, February 11th: document by Brian Harvey on the institutional system and decision making in the EU; edited and kindly provided for reproduction on the site by the Equality Authority, Ireland, uploaded on the site of official publications and the collection of literature

Monday, February 10th: new official documents again on poverty, in particular earlier documents

as well new section of the website: Course Experiences of the Academic Year 2002-2003

Monday, February 2nd: some more official and other information on poverty

Monday, January 27th: addition to official documents on the European Social Model and the New Open Method on Coordination: General documents to social policy

Thursday, January 16th: addition of presentation material from Cathal O'Connell on the research site

Tuesday, January 14th: addition on EUropean integration to course notes

Saturday, January 11th: addition to publication list Peter Herrmann 


Friday 27th - new entry to literature of general interest: Émile Durkheim: Cours de science sociale. Leçon d'ouverture

Thursday December 26th - link to the online journal European Interests

Saturday, December 21st  - addition to publication list Peter Herrmann

Monday, December 16th,  - new links at research; EU-documentation; social policy notes; literature